SINC – Smart Farm Insight Center

SINC is the world’s first and only integrated cloud-based farm management system, with 24/7 real time information accessible from anywhere. The SINC dashboard presents analyzed information based on advanced algorithms and software. The information is fed to SINC through diverse sensors in the farm, providing insights about production, herd management, feed management, water control, climate control and more.

Cloud based management platform

Independent / Accessible / Secure / Robust / Scalable

Control all aspects of your farm management

  1. Production
  2. Herd Management
  3. Feed management & Water control
  4. Climate control
  5. Factory – Farm interface

IoT Enabled Real-time feedback and information

SINC’s advantages

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Real-time view of your system performance feed efficiency and more.
  • Compare consumers’ performance
  • Get actionable insights – save money from the get-go.
  • Aggregate information from multiple sources

The Dashboard

The Dashboard module provides clear analyzed data overview with the KPIs (key performance indicators) projected. Based on the system user’s role, the data changes and presents what is important to that user. A Top-Level-User can overview and compare between farms or feed centers and get a comparison data between the business units. The data keeps updating continuously, and it is relevant at all times

TMS – The most innovative and advance TMR system in the world.

Our system gives you the most control over your feed planning, producing, distribution and expenditure.

When it comes to TMR to goal is to provide adequate nourishment to meet the needs of dairy cows, meaning each bite consumed contains the required level of nutrients (energy, protein, minerals and vitamins) needed by the cow

The two key factors are accurate diet planning and precise production.

The TMS (TMR management system) tackles these issues and makes sure that every feed mix prepared is the best that you can get.

  • TMS reduces your feed costs by preventing waste and mistakes in production.
  • TMS improves your feed efficiency and feed expenses per liter.
  • TMS manages your feed inventory.
  • TMS helps you plan rations ,produce and deliver more accurately than ever before.
  • TMS enables remote connection for better management from every device.
  • TMS enables Nutritionist / Vet / Consultants access to farm information to better results.

And the best thing about TMS, it is all cloud-based. Meaning you can see and control everything, anywhere, anytime in a safe and secure matter.


Bolus Sensor Monitoring System

Inside Monitoring

We have recognized that the rumen is ideally suited as a reliable site for the continuous recording of high-quality data. We therefore record the cows’ key physiological data using boli located directly in the reticulum. The Inside Monitoring sensor positioning provides numerous benefits for the farmer and the animals.

The technology enables easy monitoring of your animals. Our sensors in bolus-form only need to be administered once and operate fully automatically and do not require any maintenance. Data is automatically wirelessly transmitted as soon as the animals are in the vicinity of the read-out devices.

Valuable insights keep you on track

Not only does the Inside Monitoring system have the bonus of being maintenance-free – the positioning of the bolus in the cow’s intraruminal system enables the collection and recording of reliable high-quality data. There are no exterior influencing factors that can falsify measurement results. The monitoring of drinking behavior as well as the continuous measurement of core body temperature without any falsification of results due to external influences is only possible due to the use of a bolus.

Inside Monitoring offers numerous benefits

Due to the positioning of the sensor, we only measure direct parameters, which enables immediate conclusions to be drawn about the health status of your animals.


Why use our Bolus sensors?

  1. The Bolus sensors system provides precise, original, unfalsified data – continuously and in real-time.
  2. Sensor positioning enables the collection unique information on the drinking behavior and calving dates as well as continuous temperature measurement
  3. The combination of the activity, temperature and pH parameters is unique throughout the world.
  4. Our technology is completely maintenance-free. Once the boli have been administered no further animal-side work is required.
  5. Using the boli ensures maximum safety for the animal. There is no risk of injury or possible loss of the sensor.
  6. There is full traceability and comparability as all data is clearly assigned to a specific animal.

Smart Scale

Smart Scale is a combination of a mobile app with IoT enabled weighbridge platform to provide intelligent and convenient solutions for weighbridge usage. The system gives the user the possibility to manage all its weighing requirements for incomes and outcomes on the weighbridge.

Smart Scale organizes all the trucks' incomes and outcomes and sorts them so you will never lose a Movement taking again.

For our TMS customers, Smart Scales provide seamless integration. And the inventory management automation is bumped up yet another level, from one click on the Smart Scale to a push of a button on the TMS management interface and your income and outcome of stocks are automatically recorded.