SmartFarm, was founded by a team of agriculture experts. SmartFarm harnesses the power of technology alongside both know-how and the experience necessary for optimizing dairy farms around the world. Utilizing cloud-based technologies SmartFarm is able to help farmers minimize their costs and optimize their productivity which enables farmers to grow their business and increase profit by -

  • Improving farm and herd management.
  • Providing vital insights as we offer decades worth of knowledge in farm management using cutting edge technology.
  • Collect and analyze your farm’s data in numerous ways to help you gain new insights and make better decisions year-round.

Quality products and customer satisfaction are the primary goals of SmartFarm. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Technological Innovation & creativity
  • High standards of animal health & wellbeing
  • Nurturing personal and corporate knowledge & excellence
  • Continuous quality improvement in product, delivery, service, and quality system
  • Reducing the impact on the environment
  • Sustaining a friendly, supportive atmosphere with our community

Meet The Team


Ronen Simchi, Chairman of the board

Having more than 30 years experience and proven record of accomplishment in senior command roles in the IAF as a pilot and operational command roles in the IAF, Ronen is Co-founder and CEO at SIMRON Holdings and Business Development LTD, Board Member - Century Investment LTD, Chairmen SEAKURA - Organic seaweed farm technology and products, Board Member- ISOTOPIA – Nuclear Pharmacy.


Simon Partush - Owner

Simon- holds a broad experience in the agriculture business for nearly 30 years. Bearing in mind his long term vision, Partush specializes in establishing interfaces for cattle businesses from scratch. Partush has been involved in international agriculture projects, from the planning stages all the way to the market, including Europe, Vietnam, and China. Simon Partush was the CEO of the biggest feed center in.


Amnon Bar-Peled - Owner

Amnon has worked in the agriculture business for nearly 12 years now, with experience and skills in establishing agriculture projects. Moreover, Bar-Peled is an economist who accompanies all projects, contributes and assists regarding all financial and cash flow benefits aspects.


Meir Ben-Ami – Chief Executive Officer

In leading organizations such as NDS and Cisco, including serving as a CEO on several startups, Meir has over 20 years of experience in high-tech. Meir specialized with taking new concepts and making them a successful product. Meir has EMBA from The Hebrew University and BA in Computer Science from the Jerusalem College of Technology.


Sergey Petrasevich - R&D Manager


Jonathan Huss – Business Development and Sales Manager

Jonathan has more than 12 years of experience in the world of sales and business development has specialized in locating and sourcing potential markets and developing long lasting relationships with customers all around the globe.


Amir Bloch - Nutrition Expert

Amir has grown up in a kibbutz farm and has worked in the dairy business for 35 years. He is a nutrition expert and taking care today for 150,000 animals in the world including 30,000 animals in Vietnam. He is in charge of the know-how of our innovative products.